ADHD and Everyday Life

If you have ADHD, it may be affecting several areas of your life, including everyday life.
Problems you may find in your everyday life include:

Difficulty with
relationship and
social interactions
Difficulty sleeping
Feeling Angry
A feeling of inner
Talking excessively
or interrupting others
Getting easily irritated
by what others are
doing or saying
Finding it difficult to
listen or focus on
Forgetting to do things

It is important to remember that only a doctor can diagnose ADHD.
If after taking the test you have any concerns, please make an appointment with your doctor.
Please note: This is not a diagnostic test. Only your doctor can diagnose Adult ADHD.

ADHD isn’t just an issue in everyday life.

If you are experiencing challenges related to ADHD in your everyday life,
you are likely to be experiencing difficulties in other parts of your life:

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